Everything you need to know about Latisse

Everything you need to know about Latisse
Want full, fluttery lashes? Latisse lash serum might be the answer to your lash concerns!

Latisse is now available at the Yuma Peach Skin & Laser Clinic Only.

What is Latisse?

How Does Latisse Work?

  • Typically it takes patients three to four weeks before you begin to see results. The full treatment takes 16 weeks.
  • Latisse is applied to the skin on the upper eyelid around the base of the eyelashes.
  • Latisse works by increasing the number of hair follicles in the growth, or anagen, phase.
  • Latisse not only stimulates more eyelash growth but also helps keep the hair follicles in the growth stage for much longer.

Benefits of Latisse

  • Proven Technology
    • Latisse, unlike over-the-counter lash serums, is the first science-based treatment approved by the FDA to enhance eyelash prominence,
  • Natural-Looking Results
    • Forget expensive and extensive eyelash extension appointments. Latisse increases in length, thickness, and darkness of eyelashes. On average, patients experience exceptional growth within 16 weeks of treatment.
  • Long-Lasting Results
    • Lash serum is a more permanent way to make your eyelashes fuller and longer without having to rely on mascara.

How should Latisse Be Applied?

  • Currently, Latisse is available by prescription as an eyelash growth treatment.
  • The formula comes in a small bottle that resembles an eye drop container.
  • You apply the eye drop solution to a special brush and smear the Latisse onto the upper eyelid on a daily basis to promote eyelash growth.
  • Follow the recommended steps before applying Latisse

Is Latisse Safe To Use?

In the Dermatologic Surgery Trusted Source study, the most common adverse effects reported during the study were:

  • upper respiratory tract infection
  • skin itching
  • runny nose
  • sinusitis

According to the Latisse Package Insert (which is specific to eyelashes), the most common adverse reactions to Latisse are:

  • eye itching
  • skin darkening
  • red or noticeable blood vessels in the eyes

Allē can be used to purchase a Latisse!

  • Peach Skin and Laser is in partnership with the Allē Loyalty Program.
  • This means if you have accumulated points, you may be eligible to exchange your points for a bottle of Latisse!

Now that masks are still the accessory of the season… let your eyelashes take on the spotlight! Try Latisse today.

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