Service Pricing

Pricing may vary based on location.

Lip Shape & Enhancement

Enhance (1 full Versa syringe): $658 $109/month*
Enhance PLUS (2 full Versa syringes): $1276 $218/month*
Enhance (1 full Belotero syringe): $658 $109/month*
Enhance PLUS (2 full Belotero syringes): $1276 $218/month*

Botox Injections

Botox / Xeomin $12 N/A
20 Units of Botox / Xeomin $240 $57/month*
40 Units of Botox / Xeomin $480 $112/month*

Laser Hair Removal

Single Area $87 N/A
Add-On $50 N/A

IPL & Photofacials

Single Area $250 $45/month*

Facials, Peels, & Microneedling

PCA Chemical Peel $149 $45/month*
Hydrogen Facial $149 $45/month*
Plasma Pen $279 $75/month*
Microneedling $339 $51/month*
Microneedling with PRP $449 $67/month*
Rejuvenation VI Peel $339 N/A
Anti-Aging VI Peel $339 N/A
Acne VI Peel $339 N/A
Stubborn Pigment VI Peel $339 N/A

* Final price may be slightly different. The final member price may be different based on location. Monthly payment plans are available for qualified applicants and the final payment amount may be different than illustrated above.Additional fees may be added with monthly payment plans.

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