Why You Should Consider O-Shot for Treating Sexual Dysfunction

According to recent data, more than 40% of sexually active female adults in the US experience female sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives.

Female Sexual Dysfunction can manifest itself to female patients by a decrease in sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, and orgasmic response. The causes of the dysfunction can be very complex therefore, treatment outcomes can be difficult to predict.

Some of these treatments include hormonal treatments protocols and others include psychological treatment protocols. However, not every female patient with sexual dysfunction is a candidate for these treatments.

Current Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction

One possible treatment is the introduction of certain solutions and materials into the target areas of the vagina to treat both sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence. An example of a material that is used is Calcium Hydroxyapatite Crystals, which are FDA approved.

Unfortunately, this treatment can be associated with urinary obstruction, granuloma formation, and infection which may give patients negative treatment side effects.

A second possible treatment is the injection of hyaluronic acid fillers. These fillers are mainly used to enhance orgasmic intensity by amplifying the anterior vaginal wall. Due to a high prevalence in granuloma formation, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has strongly advised against the use of hyaluronic acid fillers for improving the female orgasmic system.

Researchers in this field have been studying the mechanics and techniques behind treating female sexual dysfunction. The main challenge has been finding an appropriate and effective material that produces the desired patient outcomes without the negative side effects.

Why Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments Are Superior

In contrast to the treatments described above, which use synthetic materials, medical researchers have demonstrated that using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is effective and doesn’t cause the negative side effects of synthetic materials.

Using PRP results in rejuvenation and enhancement of damaged tissues to the vaginal areas that are treated. The major advantages that researchers found with the new PRP tissue regeneration technique is an even distribution of the PRP solution.

The PRP solution is derived using the patient’s own blood which prevents the body from triggering the immune system and also substantially reduces allergic reactions. When PRP is derived and introduced into the anatomical areas that are responsible for sexual response, growth factors cause tissue regeneration in those areas.

This ultimately improves the sexual response of the patient by improving vascularity, neuronal regrowth in the vagina and the clitoris.

Application for Men and Erectile Dysfunction

Additional research is also being conducted on the application of PRP solution and its effects on male sexual dysfunction, specifically, erectile dysfunction.

The PRP procedure for male patients is very similar to the procedure for female patients.

Live Your Best Life with O-Shot

The only way to know for sure if O-Shot is the right choice for you is to come in for a consultation with our medical professionals and weigh your options.

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