Why don’t wrinkle injections get rid of my wrinkles?!

As providers of Neurotoxin Injections AKA “Wrinkle Injections”, we often hear patients say that they want Botox/Xeomin to smooth out their fine lines and wrinkles. We’re going to give a brief overview of why this isn’t actually possible. 

  1. Think of your skin as PAPER – yes, we know that’s not super attractive, but bear with us.
  2. Now think of folding up that piece of paper and then smoothing it out. What happens? Well the paper now has soft lines – think of those as your fine lines. The lines you see when you make an expression like: furrowing your brow, raising your eyebrows, even smiling really big! 
  3. Think of that piece of paper again. Imagine folding it, smoothing it out again. Folding and smoothing. Folding and smoothing. Over and over and OVERRR again. What eventually happens? The paper can no longer be smoothed, perhaps some of those creases are now torn and frayed. The same thing happens to the skin. Eventually, the movements cause deep, static wrinkles. 

How do wrinkle injections help? 

  1. Think of how that paper was being refolded multiple times. Neurotoxins, aka wrinkle injections inhibit the muscles that cause the creasing and stops them from working. 
  2. Now that those muscles don’t move (no more folding of the piece of paper), those lines will not form. 

So, if those lines aren’t forming why aren’t they going away? 

  1. Hello piece of paper! Once that paper has been so heavily damaged, what can we do to fix it? Tape it? That reinforces the paper so it won’t continue to tear, yes! But the damage has still been done, it’s still visible! 

The skin is very similar to that piece of paper. If you damage it to the point where even an expressionless face shows fine lines and wrinkles, we can reinforce it with wrinkle injections which means the lines won’t get deeper and become more visible BUT they will not be removed with wrinkle injections. 

Well… if wrinkle injections won’t work, how do I get rid of the lines already there? 

  1. Easy! Filler to FILL those lines and give more volume. 
  2. Laser! The resurfacing kind that will promote new skin with less creasing! 
  3. Microneedling with PRP that will also promote collagen production with less downtime than resurfacing laser. 

Basically, what we’re saying is: ASK US THE QUESTIONS! At Peach, we’re committed to giving you the most up-to-date, scientifically-backed information and most satisfactory results! 

If you have any questions, please contact us.