Top Don’t-Try-This-at-Home Treatments

As in-office beauty appointments remain canceled, we know temptations to tamper with home treatments are simmering. But unlike regretfully chopped bangs that grow back, there are skin DIYs that can cause permanent damage such as scars, hyperpigmentation, and breakouts. Deemed professionals only, here are the top no-nos of home treatments.


#1: Heavy-Duty Peels

Smoother, tighter, brighter skin. In-office chemical peels are nothing short of sorcery. But with great power comes great responsibility. Dermatologist Dr. Zenovia Gabriel warns that chemical peels can do harm if directions aren’t adhered to. More peels don’t mean better skin. Irritation, burning, hyperpigmentation, and skin erosion can occur with excessive use. She also advises melanin-blessed individuals and eczema patients to be extra careful because chemical peels can strip healthy skin barriers and increase inflammation.

The Warning Label:

  • Follow instructions strictly. Do not leave on longer than advised.
  • Test on your inner arm before full application.
  • Use low-strength peels only every other week.
  • Pick peels with a concentration of less than 10% glycolic and lactic acids, and 2% in salicylic acids.


#2: Microneedling

Did you know that humans host an average of 100 trillion microbes? No doubt some of them are beneficial, but the balance is delicate. Microneedling should hence, only be done with medical-grade instruments in a disinfected, controlled environment. Dr. Kim Nichols from Connecticut explains that because the skin gets perforated and bleeds, she does not recommend any DIY attempts. Even with at-home products, the use of inappropriate pressure can result in scarring.

 The Warning Label:

  • Only seek treatment from a professional.
  • Avoid all DIY products.


#3: Laser Hair Removal

At-home laser hair removal products are all the rage. Despite capabilities to destroy hair follicles with relatively safe IPL, dermatologist Dr. Nichols has reservations. She explains that energy is targeted at pigment putting melanin-blessed individuals at risk of skin damage. Burns and scars can be a result of inappropriate use.

The Warning Label:

  • Avoid home laser hair removal products if you have darker-toned skin.
  • Professional advice is recommended.


Better Late Than Never

We’re sorry if this arrived a tad late! But there are things you can do to salvage any damage done. Experts recommend the below regimen to accelerate skin healing:

  • Avoid sun exposure.
  • Use moisturizers and SPF daily.
  • Pause retinol, skin lightening creams, and vitamin C products.
  • Prevent infections with topical antibiotic ointments.
  • Seek a professional!

Whoever thought that being bored could be dangerous? A minute can feel like hours in lockdown but quell your inner dermatologist. It’s better to safe than sorry!

If you have any questions, please contact us.