How to Shrink Your Pore Size? You Can’t!

What’s your pore score? We all desire flawless, fine porcelain skin. And thanks to the science of beauty, we are now a step closer. But some conundrums are still yet to be solved. Such include the impossibility of shrinking your pore size. Let’s dive skin deep to explore the science behind why.

What Causes Large Pores?

According to Dr. Sperling, a board-certified dermatologist in Florham Park, it’s simply genetics. Pores are openings of oil glands that release natural oils to moisturize skin. Although they are impossible to eradicate, some factors can affect their size: 


The use of unsuitable skincare products can clog your pores resulting in skin problems such as acne, whiteheads, and blackheads that can enlarge pores. It is important to understand your skin type before investing in products.


Studies have shown that your diet can affect hormonal levels and sebum levels. Both which in turn can affect the app pore sizes. A low glycaemic diet has proven to help improve acne.


Mature skin as a result of elasticity loss can elongate pores, making them appear larger. Increasing collagen production can help tighten pores.

The Perks of Bigger Pores

As we lament at the downsides of having large pores, there are perks! Evidence shows that bigger pores mean more natural oils which are not necessarily a bad thing. Acne can be remedied, but fighting aging skin is more challenging. Oily skin has been shown to present fewer wrinkles so the good news? You’re likely to have more youthful skin!

The Misunderstood Fixes

With the desire for perfection comes the promise of solutions. Skin health above all! Before you start investing in miracles, it’s important to employ some skepticism.

Skincare Products

Products such as primers that claim to smoothen complexion often contain silicone, an ingredient often met with controversy. These products fill up pores to create an illusion of a smooth canvas.

Dr. Arash Akhavan, a board-certified dermatologist in NYC, says that it’s important to keep in mind that these products are only temporary solutions that do not change your pore size. He adds that silicone-based products can be detrimental in conditions of high humidity, as they can clog pores. Bear in mind too, that silicones are water-resistant which makes daily thorough cleansing more difficult. Skin breakouts and irritation may, therefore, happen in the long run.

Dermatologist Treatments

Botox treatment in pore shrinking has been all the rage due to a study that showed encouraging results. However, dermatologists Dr. Akhavan and Dr. Garshick agree that more research is needed to provide evidence of the treatment’s effectiveness.

Effective Solutions for Large Pores 

Genetics loads the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger. Although pore size cannot be shrunken down, we can stop them from enlarging. A diligent skincare routine will do wonders in the long run, as compared to a temporary quick-fix. Here are some doctor-recommended solutions:

Home-based Treatment

– Exfoliate

Use an exfoliating cleanser with salicylic acid or glycolic acid. They help to refine tone and make pores appear smaller.

– Regenerate

Use sunscreen in the day and retinol at night. Choose alpha and beta hydroxy acids and retinol products as they can improve elasticity and tighten pores.

In-office Treatment

– Laser Treatment

A CO2 laser resurfacing treatment, as well as micro-needling can smoothen skin appearance. Picoway, a skin-rejuvenating laser, can also effectively produce collagen with only minor redness post-treatment.

– Chemical Peels

Adding a series of chemical peels can improve the smoothen the appearance of pores. These results can continue to build over time.

But hey, if you want a sure-fire quick fix, there’s always the magic of airbrushing and free photo-editing! P.s.: No clogging or risks required!


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