How to Prepare Your Skin for a Special Day

A special day takes time to plan and prepare for.

Flowers, food, location, dress, hair, makeup can all be delegated out, hired or purchased days before your big event. However, preparing your skin to be photo-ready does require your time and your attention.

Your special event will be captured in photos forever. We know how important it is to feel beautiful and confident on a special day and how worrying about your skin and its appearance should be the last thing on your mind.

These special memories do not have to be overshadowed by not-so-clear skin. We have a few basic tips to help you prepare your skin to be at its top shape at the Quince,wedding party, or big event.

To get the best results, the most important thing is to plan ahead. With enough planning, you can give yourself a head start on a skin care regimen that will help you to a picture perfect complexion. Not only do we prepare our dress, hair, and makeup, we should also look to preparing the skin.
There are many things you can do to prepare ahead of time so that any last minute pimples don’t pop-up and surprise you on your special day. Whether you are the mother of la Quinceañera, the maid of honor or a dama of the court, you want to ensure your skin is picture perfect.

Ready to get started? There are relatively inexpensive things you can do to prepare at home.

Stick to a Skin Care Regimen

Using the right skin care products can be a daunting task with the abundance of options. Which products are correct for you skin and which can be bad?

The 3 must have products for anyone that wants to improve their skin are cleansers, moisturizers, and retinoids. When shopping at your favorite skin care product store, look for these important ingredients in the products that you choose.


  • Normal skin cleansers should contain an ingredient called isohexadecane.

  • Oily skin cleansers should have salicylic acid as an ingredient.

  • Dry skin cleansers need to be gentle so make sure your cleanser contains moisturizers such as glycerin or lactic acid.


  • Normal skin moisturizers should include Glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or lactic acid in their ingredients.

  • Oily skin is already oily so make sure to look for a product with water and glycerin as the main ingredient.

  • Dry skin types need ingredients like urea, lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid.

Retinoids work by improving the appearance of fine lines,wrinkles, and overall aged skin. It really is the gold standard in skin care products. However, you must remember to not use it excessively because it may cause irritation.

People with normal skin can apply every other night and people with dry/sensitive skin can apply every 3 nights.

Find a professional to help you

If skin care products are not working or some of the skin care challenges you face are more severe, then seeking the help of professionals may be right for you. These professionals can offer you options that are not normally available at retail stores. Look for these 3 effective and professional treatments.

Chemical Peels are a great and affordable option for treating dark spots, wrinkles, and acne. They work by exfoliating your skin with medical grade solutions. When trying to decide which peels are right for you, we recommend to many questions. Every person has different skin so a peel must be customized to yours. Price range: $60 – $300

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) works by using a laser to target darks spots, redness, and other skin imperfections. Although the treatments can be a bit pricey, they can be very effective with the right technique, experienced provider, and multiple treatments. Price range: $400 – $800

Micro-needling is one of our favorite procedures because it is inexpensive and very effective at treating wrinkles and different types of scars. It works by making tiny punctures in your skin. These small punctures promote your skin to heal and create more healthy tissue. Price range: $250 – $600

The most important advice that we can gave you is to plan ahead—we recommend 3 to 6 months. Medical treatments take time to work and take time to heal.

The last thing you want is to have your skin red and healing during your big event. Finally, don’t forget to ask questions and do research. You should be comfortable and confident that you are getting what you want out of these medical treatments.

With enough preparation, you can achieve your best glowing skin. The added bonus with this comes a beauty and confidence that shines through in your photos.

Maybe you’re planning to lose a few pounds or get in shape, a good diet and exercise can also help your skin. Presenting yourself at your best will make you feel great at your event.

If you have any questions, please contact us.