How to Get the Most Out of Your Botox Treatment

There are a lot of myths going around about Botox, and sometimes it can be hard to know what’s the truth and what’s fiction.

To maximize your Botox experience, lets go over some things to look out for to make sure your results are as incredible as possible!

But first of all…

What is Botox Cosmetic and how does it work?

Over time our skin begins to change. When we are younger, our skin has a more elastic quality to it that allows it to remain full and so when we frown, smile, laugh or cry, the lines that appear are only temporary.

As we age, however, the elasticity of our skin cells begins to change. It is a combination of factors: sun damage, nutrition, exposure to free radicals that affect the collagen in the cellular tissue that creates these different changes.

So then when we laugh, cry, smile or frown, the lines that once were temporary seem to stay longer. They form “frown lines” between the eyes or around the forehead. “Laugh lines” may form around the mouth and eyes. “Crow’s feet” at the edges of the eyes begin to appear.

Botox Cosmetic is a serum that is injected under the skin’s surface around the site of the wrinkles or frown lines. The serum that is injected temporarily deadens the nerves that surround the muscles that activate the tissue around the mouth, forehead and eyes. The temporary numbing stops the contraction of the nerves to the areas that are injected, which slackens the skin.

The effects of the injection usually last on average 3 – 6 months. It has been shown that additional injections are not harmful to most people. Additional treatments can be repeated as needed with the consultation of the medical staff connected with the Cosmetic Botox treatments.

Some of the possible side effects of Botox treatments include: headache, dry mouth or irritation at the injection site. These are not common, but it is good to know your body and discuss this with the professionals that you will be doing the treatments with. They will be able to give you additional information to specific questions you might have regarding these side effects.

It is helpful to know the post treatment care of Botox treatments before you begin. The medical staff will advise you to stay upright either standing or seated for 4 hours directly after the injections are completed. You will also be instructed not to do any leaning forward for that period of time.

The idea is to make sure the injected serum stays in the injection site. Leaning forward or reclining to lay down causes the force of gravity to pull on the sites where the injections were given. You will also be told to refrain from physical exercise for at least 24 hours after the treatment is given. You may also me instructed not massage the site of the injections. Massaging the injection sites can alter the effectiveness of the treatment.

There are no guarantees with this treatment. Each individual is different and may have responses to the treatments. Do your homework, ask lots of questions, make sure you feel comfortable with the professionals doing your treatments so that if you do have follow-up questions, you feel like you can call with concerns you may want to address.

Now that we have the gist of things squared away, let’s move on to 3 important things you should check before you undergo your Botox treatment…

1. Make sure your Botox is FDA approved

NEW packaging for BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) protects you from illegal drug importation. Ensure that you are receiving authentic Botox.

  • Locate the US license #1145 on the product box

  • Check for the tamper-evident seal on the box

  • Verify that the product box and vial display the “onabotulinumtoxinA” established name

  • Examine the vial to locate the color-coded caps, hologram, white-ring residue, and vial label stickers

  • Look for the FDA-approved label and Medication Guide, which are only found within US boxes

2. Ask Questions

Ask questions before. Ask questions during, and ask questions after your appointment. It is important that you feel comfortable with your treatment. A reputable Botox provider like Peach will be happy to provide as much information as you want and our main goal is your satisfaction.

3. Take Advantage of Free Consultations

The majority of botox providers will offer free consultations. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your medical professional, to see the product, and to get more insight into the process.

What is watered down Botox?

We occasionally read or hear about watered down Botox or Botox that has been overly diluted. Sometimes these articles or hearsay are based on a few misconceptions or misunderstandings that do not clearly define what “watered down” Botox means.

FACT: Botox comes to the clinic from the manufacturer in a frozen powder, not a liquid.

Yes. This comes as a surprise to many patients. Medical professionals have to add saline to the powder in order to activate it and be able to inject it into a patient. We cannot inject a dry powder into the muscle.

MYTH: Mixing it with saline “waters down” the Botox.

Every medical professional offering Botox MUST add saline to the powdered Botox before administering it to a patient. Using this solution of these two items (one liquid and one powder) is the way medical professionals inject Botox into the muscle.

As long as you are getting the exact amount of units of Botox you are being promised, you’re not being sold “watered down” Botox. But when healthcare professionals cut their Botox with saline and trick patients into thinking they’re getting more than they actually are, that’s when problems occur.

What is wrong with watering down Botox?

First, you are robbing clients of what they actually paid for. Second, the patients will not get the results that they expect even if they paid the correct amount.

Our recommendation is to ask questions and don’t be shy to ask your provider to share his/her dilution rate with you! We’re always transparent about our treatments and ready to provide any information you need.


If you have any questions, please contact us.