Hair Removal: Ditch your Razor for Laser

Skin mowing is a painful game. And we mean agonizing waxes, or cut and nicks. Of late, laser treatment has become a sublime feat. Ever-evolving, 2020’s laser tech is The prodigal solution for semi-permanent hair removal. Quit the folly with follicles! Here’s the 101 on laser hair removal.


What to Expect

1) How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Only the ignorant fear change, so let’s fix that! Laser rapidly targets and destroys hair follicles, so growth reduces and eventually halts. Chelsea’s skin specialist, Leyla Yusupova, uses the Fibra DFA laser with a tip that cools skin heated by the laser. She recommends six to ten sessions, depending on the texture and color of your hair.


2) Is my Hair / Skin Suitable?

Unlike old technology, lasers today can target hair without causing harm to darker skin tones. However, the machine struggles to detect grey or light blond hair due to their pigment lack. If peach fuzz is your woe, consider Dermaplaning instead.


3) Does it Hurt?

A decade ago, burning sensations lasted days. But today, you’ll probably flinch at a couple of elastic band-like “pings.” No burning or bruising, even in sensitive areas post-treatment!


4) Is Permanent Hair Removal Possible

Nope. Sorry, folks!. As hair growth is hormone-driven, tweaks in homeostasis result in new hair follicles. Today, electrolysis, lasers, and IPL are the best for semi-permanent hair removal. But who knows what the future brings?


5) What’s the Downtime?

None. We kid you not! Though you might shed a little as dead follicles fall out and new ones regrow.


Your To-Do List

Here’s some doctor-recommended advice to make your laser treatment last.

– Shave right before your appointment.

– Avoid waxing or threading between treatments.

– Stick precisely to your laser schedule.

– Avoid tanning as it causes hyperpigmentation and sensitivity.

– Wear high factor SPF.


Preventing Ingrown Hairs

Sticking to shaving conventions? We know the “prevention is better than cure” cliché. But what’s a girl got to do to keep ingrown hairs at bay? Dr. Zeichner claims hair texture can be a predisposing factor. Despite so, these suggestions can help you avoid the irk!

– Exfoliate weekly. A washcloth can replace products, but avoid those with abrasive textures.

– Moisturize frequently and drink sufficient water throughout the day.

– Avoid fitted clothing around for a few hours post hair removal. Chafing encourages growth.

– Avoid shaving, tweezing, and waxing.

– See a dermatologist for pain, oozing, or heat in the area.


Out with the old razor and in with the new laser. That’s what we think!

If you have any questions, please contact us.