A Brief History of Botox Cosmetic including its discovery and uses.

Dr. Alan Scott, an ophthalmologist living in San Francisco in the 1980’s, was searching for a way to assist patients who suffered with debilitating eye disorders that caused the eyes to cross.

He attempted trials with a couple of different injectable drugs that did not seem to work. He knew that if he could get the specific muscles in the eyes that were creating them to cross to relax, he would be able to assist his patients. He then stumbled across another trial drug with the help of a biochemist.

What they created, Oculinum, when injected helped decrease the muscular spasm of the eyes that allowed them to uncross. Little did Dr. Scott know in that moment that this same drug in a similar but lower dosage form would then become what is now known as Botox Cosmetic.

Medical Uses for Botox

Botox is used medically not only for those who suffer from a disorder causing crossed-eyes, it is also used to help reduce migraine headache frequency, Hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating, and it is also used to decrease incontinence in those with spinal cord injuries or MS who suffer from an overactive bladder due to neurological damage.

Cosmetic uses of Botox in the Beauty Industry

Botox Cosmetic is FDA approved for cosmetic purposes that have been shown to be safe for people. There are several ways that Botox Cosmetic is being used in the beauty industry today.

“Crow’s Feet.” The wrinkles in the skin that form around the eyes are more commonly known as “Crow’s Feet”. These lines are created by the different muscles that contract around our eyes and mouth when we use them during laughing, smiling, squinting at the sun or concentrating.

Over time the repetition of the contraction along with other factors affecting the skin tone can create more lasting wrinkles. Botox, in many cases, can be effective at addressing these wrinkles by allowing the muscles around the outer area around the eyes and mouth to relax.

“Frown Lines.” The wrinkles across the forehead that run horizontally are known as the transverse forehead rhytids.

They are sometimes referred to as our frown lines because they create these wrinkles or creases in our forehead when we are worrying or frowning. Botox Cosmetic treatments can soften these lines and help create a more youthful appearance.

“11” Lines between the eyes Sometimes we might see a pair of wrinkles on the forehead that are between the eyes that look like an “11”.

This area, medically, is known as the glabella. It is the area between the eyes just above the nose. It is not uncommon to see the appearance of these wrinkles in people. The depth of the creasing or wrinkle many times has to do with the changing quality of our skin due to aging or sun damage.

They appear most often when we are concentrating or focused on thinking about different things. Botox Cosmetic treatments work well with reducing the appearance of these wrinkles.

Today, Botox is used by countless patients across the world to achieve stunning cosmetic results that just weren’t possible a few decades ago—including our patients right here at Peach.

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